22 thoughts on “Monday Portrait 26 July

  1. I’m feeling silly (again!). Two cows are standing in the meadow. Suddenly one of them shudders and gets exactly that look that you caught in your photo. “What’s matter?” asks the other one. “There she comes again,” says the cow with the weird look motioning towards an approaching figure, “the milking maid with the cold hands!!” SCNR

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  2. Those eyes reminded me of a comment I made to my brother when he got his first girlfriend. I was jealous that he was being nice to her but not to me, so I told him her eyes looked as though they belonged to a cow! Poor girl couldn’t help her eyes, she still has them, I know this because he married her and we became best friends! 🀣

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    1. That is the best part. That’s why I enjoy Monday Macro Silent Sunday and Wordless Wednesday. Just a photo and no need for words πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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