Square Trees #17 – wooden shoes

Becky’s Square Photo Challenge July: Square Tree

I was reminded of shoe lasts that my bestie owns by Becky and her post about Mr B’s Tree

Your tree song for today

These old wooden shoe shapes were used by shoemakers to mould and shape shoes. There are two sizes. The smaller ones could be childs shoes or perhaps a small woman. The other larger one has a name on the side of the person the shoes were being made for so the shoemaker didn’t have to measure each time.

I also found some small wooden shoes that my girls grandmother bought back for them on her overseas trips years ago plus a pair of little clogs from a tourist place, The Clog Barn, in Coffs Harbour.

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        1. Were your ears burning ah hour ago? Just got off the regular Zoom chat with Cee, Sue and Debbie and we were all telling Margaret how much we enjoyed our chat with you. She is looking forward to us arranging another one.

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        2. If they were I didn’t know as I was in bed. I do hope you were kind in what you said about me ❤ I would like another chat for sure. I don’t mind the 10pm start as Cee isn’t a late night person xx

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