27 thoughts on “Share your desktop – 15 July

      1. I am not sure I like changing nit anymore – I used to love changing my screen saver but really prefer not to anymore – not on phone of desktop – but especially not on desktop because I often have a lot of folders to manage – and I get used to the look of the background image – so if I change it – the folders do not sit right – not sure if that makes sense. But I like it the same right now πŸ™‚

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      2. I don’t change phone or tablet but my computer is different and I like a change. This time the icons are in a dark space and I like that better than last time when they were in pink 😁

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      1. Kind of!

        My dentist is on maternity leave, back in a few weeks so going to wait as I have a dental phobia. Pain now manageable, plus seeing the hygienist next week so if she isn’t happy with it, I can chat it over with her

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      2. Aren’t dentist inconsiderate…..maternity leave indeed. I have my annual appointment next Friday. I agree with you, my dentist is quite good and she is one of the best I have had


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