Meet the browns

Cee’s Mid-Week madness Challenge – July Colour – Brown

Come for a walk with me

Have a listen to a not well know Beatles song written and sung by George Harrison

35 thoughts on “Meet the browns

  1. The Chinese silkie made me laugh out loud .. loudly! 🤣🤣. But my two favourites were the dragon fly and the fly. In them the brown is different. Like being an insect changes the colour spectrum somehow. I can’t really explain.

    By the way, I just recently started following Natalie Doug’s blog called Happy Salmon. I wondered if you follow it and, if not, whether you would like to have a look. She only posts a few photos each time but some are magnificent. And I love reading what she writes too. She’s vision impaired and has some amazing insights.

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  2. Great shots as usual, wouldn’t expect anything less from you Brian!

    Interesting song … just this morning I published a review of the documentary “Meeting the Beatles in India”, know you’d like the insights it provides as they ‘chill’ in the ashram 🙂

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