Square trees #12 – The Grey Gums

Becky’s Photo Challenge July: Tree Square

The Grey Gum Eucalyptus propinqua is called a Grey Gum because of the bark. There are several species of Grey Gum. This one grows around here and I have some on my place. It is generally a beautiful tall, elegant tree, 35 m or so high, with a tall, straight cylindrical trunk. As you can see it sheds its bark once a year in large sheets which provides not only mulch but home for countless insects and small rodents. The bark comes off in February revealing a creamy to light orange trunk.

As in my photos, when the rainfall has been heavy over spring and summer, the same process is carried out – but this time displaying a most vivid orange trunk. Tall streaks of bright orange can be seen glowing through the rich greens of the bush which is a remarkable sight.

The Grey Gums are also a food source for Koalas

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