H is for bird

The Bird Weekly Photo Challenge – Birds Beginning With a “H”

I don’t have an abundance of H birds just a few Herons……

White-faced Heron

Pacific Heron

There are a lot of Honeyeaters starting with the striking Blue-faced Honeyeater

This is an Endangered Honeyeater I was very lucky to have in my garden for a few minutes, a Regent Honeyeater

Little Yellow-faced Honeyeaters are rather feisty when they have to be

Brown Honeyeaters are very quick as they decide what flower to try next

Three White-throated Honeyeaters at the hanging pot birdbath.

Lewins Honeyeaters are quite common

Fuscous Honeyeaters come to the waterhole on my place to drink

New Holland Honeyeaters are easy to spot with their black and white stripes and yellow wings

Yellow-tufted Honeyeaters are very pretty

The red flashing jewel that flies through my garden, the Scarlet Honeyeater, the smallest honeyeater

22 thoughts on “H is for bird

  1. What a great post to honor the honey eater – the yellow -tufted Honeyeater is really
    Gorgeous and of course the scarlet one has such richness in hue – but enjoyed them all and opening with a heron was perfect for H
    And just curious – what is the age range of all the photos here – like when did you take these wonderful bird photos ?

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  2. What an awesome gallery of “H” birds! So sorry for the late response. I won’t be able to walk for 3-4 more weeks and I’m busy with the business. Tutoring my granddaughter takes 2-3 hours out of my day every day (blogging time). Anyway, I love all these birds and hope to see them someday. I smiled as I noticed that the Lewins Honeyeater was sticking his/her tongue out at you. I don’t know your gender of birds quite yet. LOL! 🙂

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    1. Thanks Lisa. Late is never a problem with me, I have no boundaries. Some birds genders I have no idea either, Lewins, Yellow-faced are very similar whereas Scarlets are very different. I did forget one duck though lol

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      1. Thanks Brian! I appreciate that! I’m going to be slow to reply until my granddaughter goes back to school in a month. I’m sure you will find a place for that duck. I think the Vermillion Flycatcher is like the Scarlett. The male is bright red and the female is dull.

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