11 thoughts on “Hanging around being blue in July

  1. Well this is certainly quirky enough! And what a fab song to start with. I am sure you will find lots more ‘summertime blues’ and ‘singing the blues’. And seeing that this post has related to Becky’s blue square challenge from a couple of years ago I imagine you probably have a lot of blue in your media library already! Trick is to find some new ones.
    Thanking you kind sir xx

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    1. You are welcome Jude. Yes heaps of blue squares and lots of new ones. Not going to do huge posts as I have previously, perhaps do them in some sort of group once a week as this month is quite busy for me.
      Aiming for fun too xx

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  2. Ah! the Nazar Boncugu protection from the evil-eye. I too, have one of these but whether it works or not I’m not sure! It’s a lovely colour though and a reminder of a long-ago holiday in a part of the Arabic world and as it’s not too ‘souveniry’ looking it hangs in my window catching the light.

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