Square trees #1 – The Flame Tree

Becky’s Square Photo Challenge July: Square Trees

Well off we go into the squares once more. And this from Becky “The only absolute rule for joining in with Squares from 1st July is that your photograph must be square in shape!

Being in Australia I get the jump on the rest of the world as my 1st of July starts while most of you are in bed dreaming of what trees you can find and square up.

My first tree to celebrate a bit of Australianess is one of the most striking trees that can look unimposing when they have their large Maple like leaves. It is in Spring and Summer when they become Flame Trees.

Here is an Australian song that celebrates the Flame Tree by another iconic Australian

I have some close ups of the flowers that aren’t square but the theme is square trees after all. I thought you may like a look.

34 thoughts on “Square trees #1 – The Flame Tree

  1. Early bird you are Bb
    And nice to see a first entry for the theme –
    I told Becky I was rather exited about the theme for July 2021 and coming here to see this native beauty is good indicator that the month is going to be rich with trees from around the world
    And that photo with the bird in the branch shows the intensity of the color – what a stunning tree

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    1. Thanks Yvette. It’s a busy month so I have to be organised. I had to include the Currawong to show the redness of the Flame Tree. I hope you enjoyed the song too 😀😀

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    1. It does Jo. The Indigenous people used the under bark to make string bags and twine, the nuts are similar to a peanut like taste and high in protein as well so birds enjoy the tree too 🙂 🙂


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