Full moon emotions

The Ragtag Daily Prompt Wednesday: Erogenous

Written on 21/4/08

It always happens at this time.
These feelings rise,
emotions are set loose.
A full moon
sending rays of light through my being,
thoughts of you,
your soft sensuality.
My senses are filled
with the scent of you –
the taste of your lips
the warm fragrance of your skin.
The softness of your skin
as it tingles with my gentle touch.
The feelings of desire
that fill me
as your body presses against mine
urging for a firmer touch
as your lips seek out mine,
tongues exploring
as hands flow around
bodies yearning for more.
Fingers touching those places
which send slight gasps
from moist lips
that are seemingly locked together.
The urging as naked bodies
slide against each other,
my hardness pressing
against your soft, warm moistness
seeking to enter
to be enveloped by you
to swell and pulsate
as matching rhythms of desire and wanting
ebb and flow
as bodies, minds and souls
fly as one in a passion
that only we can understand
as a full moon
takes my senses
on a trip of my love,
of my desire for you.
My most beautiful and wonderful woman
A woman who most men can only dream of
but who can fulfill
my feelings with joy
and elation.

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