5 Minutes ago – 19 and 26 June

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #32

I was all ready for a Weekend Sky post last weekend. I awoke early to a coloured sky for a change. So this post will not be in vain. It is a double Weekend Sky for the 19th June and the 26th June

The coloured morning sky of the 19th

The still grey skies

9 thoughts on “5 Minutes ago – 19 and 26 June

  1. The colors of 19th do look wonderful. Then the grey takes over the next weekend, which seems to me as if more showers are expected.
    While over here in my town, clouds are flying by day and night, without stopping. As if they are getting late for something 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing these with my challenge, Brain 🙂

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  2. Cool skies and the song was interesting – of course a good fit to the post theme
    But also another new song for me
    And side note – was just thinking about music and blogs earlier today and like how you and Clive add music to posts –

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      1. Well I do not always listen to all of the song, but I have learned that I benefit when I make time to hear the start and then somewhere near the middle
        Sometimes I wil come back to hear more –
        but it reminded me that this is another way we always stay growing.
        and then of course a part of that is to see the connection to your post theme

        anyhow, regarding how other people listen to songs that are shared – I think some people have more time and go through posts slower – and then others are always blazing through and might miss a lot – then there are those in the middle and then we all have busier or slower months – but I would keep sharing them when it feels right – just like you seem do

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      2. that is a good idea – and I have done that as well – but it depends on the device – (my Mobile consumes the entire screen for the video and no multitasking) and it also depends on if I liked the song – and if I want that melody (or even energy from the tune0 fully in my mind….

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