Pick a Word – June 2021

Lost in Translation’s Thursdays Special: PICK A WORD – June 2021

It’s that time again for my favourite Photo Challenge. Let’s see what photos I can find to satisfy Paula’s wonderful words






How did I go?

21 thoughts on “Pick a Word – June 2021

  1. Perfection! Reflecting had me holding my breath, and Pedestrian tells a wonderful story. But what always amazes me is how swiftly you respond, Brian 🙂 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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    1. Thanks Jo. Had to get going on posts as I am at K’s again weekend again plus it was a cold wet day. Shall have a good weekend being nurse. Hope yours is wonderful too 🙂 🙂


        1. A bit of hay fever to start, baby sitting a snotty four year old which went to her throat and then went viral and she is coughing and generally not well. Been to Dr twice. First lot of antibiotics did nothing, second lot not much better. Off to the Dr again on Monday. Infection went to her chest and there’s a small touch of pneumonia in the bottom of her left lung. It is not Covid thankfully as we are quite isolated and no new cases have been around here for over a year.
          It didn’t help that she didn’t stop and rest right at the start.
          We will be OK just have to make sure she had enough supplies. Her daughter came and made a whole lot of meals so she just has to heat and eat.
          I hope you are doing ok Jo too. I have been a bit worried about you as well ❤ ❤

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        2. I’m sorry to hear that, hon. Hope she recovers soon. No fun for either of you. 🙄💕💕 No need to worry about me, hon. I’m enjoying a bit of space. It’s been a rough few weeks and I seem to be the kiss of death, quite literally. I’ll email you this weekend. Don’t worry 💕💕

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