A bit of nature

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Nature Animals

A Broad-palmed Rocket Frog I disturbed when moving some plant pots at my place

The Antechinus (Native Mouse) I released after I caught it in a live trap in my kitchen

A Goanna walking through my garden

When you startle an Echidna, they dig into the ground and make themselves into a ball of spikes

A Tasmanian Devil chilling when we visited a rescue and breeding centre in Tasmania

A startled Brush-tailed Possum I found asleep in the chook house nesting box after a night of eating chicken feed all night

A Red-necked Wallaby Joey at the back door

A Red-necked Wallaby Male having a rest in the front yard

A Red-necked Wallaby female and joey in her pouch in my garden

A sleepy Koala in my besties garden

46 thoughts on “A bit of nature

    1. They are rather cute. The tassie Devil wouldn’t enjoy being cuddled either would the Koala. Both have sharp claws like the Goanna. The Possums are OK except when the thump about on the roof in the middle of the night playing chasings πŸ™‚

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      1. Our house cats from the Egypt streets were WILD. On two occasions they wrecked the vet’s room/surgery with crazy Ninja skills and biting. I guess we had our own Tasmanian devils… I love watching our US possums eat on the night camera – really noisy with no manners. πŸ˜…

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  1. Yesterday I saw an article about the terrible mice infestation in the grain east territories of Australia. Those images looked really bad. 😦 I thought of you wondering if you have such problems too. Probably not since you let them free. ❀ You've got lovely bestias there.

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    1. My mouse problem is not as bad as further west. I am catching between two and six a day for the last three months. They do not go free once caught in the trap
      Glad you like my animal post Manja πŸ™‚

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