You see what you want to see

Debbie’s quotation-inspired image

“The traveller sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he has come to see.
    – G.K. Chesterton

About 2 minutes into this narration from Harry Nilssons The Point, have a listen to the philosophy of the Rock Man inspired by Debbie’s quote

The traveller sees what he sees

The tourist sees what he has come to see.

27 thoughts on “You see what you want to see

        1. Either way I wouldn’t look all that flash 😀 Probably evenings, reception is better. Should see if my computer works OK. The box is under the desk so maybe I’ll need a new headset. It’s too chilly in the sunroom to use the tablet. I use that for Landcare zooms. It might work inside.


        2. Don’t worry neither do we!! There is the option just to ring in, sometimes Debbie uses that.
          I’ll discuss times tomorrow with the rest of gang, and see what timeswe can come up with xxx

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