The many faces of a Bottlebrush

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Bottle

Inspired by picturesimperfectblog’s various changing bottles I had to add a bit of Australia to the bottle prompt with a Bottlebrush flower from unchanged through various effects to #monochrome

21 thoughts on “The many faces of a Bottlebrush

  1. I’m glad I could inspire you, Brian. And I immediately had to check up on bottlebrushes because I know them so well from South Africa. But they are Australian, all right. They are just so beautiful that they have become an export hit. And surprisingly enough I mostly don’t like flowers being stripped of colour but I really, really like your monochrome bottlebrushes.

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      1. My favourite story is about cosmos flowers. In autumn, the South African highveld (the high plateau where Johannesburg and Pretoria are) is just glorious in different shades of pink and white from carpets upon carpets of cosmos. Yet, cosmos are not indigenous to South Africa. They came from Australia 😁 but the interesting thing is HOW that happened. The seeds came in the horsefeed for the British troops during the Boer War around 1900.

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      2. We have a grass we call Whiskey Grass that has red feathery seed heads. The grass started to grow along the railway tracks from the straw in the wooden crates that the American troops alcohol – Bourbon, Whiskey etc was packed in. They just tossed the straw out of the trains.

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    1. It seems I am educating a lot of people about Bottlebrush. I have no doubt that Hummingbirds would enjoy some of the varieties of Bottlebrush that have delicious nectar. Glad you enjoyed my photos Irene πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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