A favourite bit purple

Life in Colour May: Purple

Jude want’s to know “Whatโ€™s your favourite purple Picture?” Perhaps this one? A Blue-banded Bee in a Blue Ginger flower. Blue Ginger flowers vary in colour from a blue to a deep purple depending on the amount of sunlight, soils etc.

21 thoughts on “A favourite bit purple

  1. A Blue banded bee? You might be taking the purples a tad far to the right BB. And now I am thinking the flower is probably more in the violet palette. But hey, ho! It’s still a very pretty picture. We don’t get the blue bees or blue-banded bees here.

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      1. No worries Brian. All shades, hues, tones, hints and variations of purple is now allowed this month. Though you will still need some violets for later on in the year. A lot later on.

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