The last pink for April

Life in Colour April: Pink

A few days ago Jude asked if we could find any pink buildings. I had a few drive and walk arounds but didn’t find any pink buildings. I was looking at Travel With Intent’s Pinkitecture and thought it’s the last day and I didn’t find any pink buildings. Suddenly I remembered my time in Venice and a day trip to Burano and hopefully could find the building. Well I did so here is my last photo for Life in Colour: Pink

26 thoughts on “The last pink for April

  1. It so much fun to see this as I’ve read about Burano in some of Donna Leon’s books, which always mention the bright colors. As for this being over, don’t we still have at least Saturday? I’m not sure.


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  2. Well that is one very pink building Brian and even has pink flowers to match! Well done you for finding this one. I wonder what you will come up with next month.
    Many thanks for joining in with the pink challenge.
    Jude xx

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