Open pick and click

The Ragtag Daily Prompt Tuesday: Random

I am going into my media files and pick a few photos at random.

I have my music playing so you can listen to whatever song is playing when I finish my selecting of photos

12 thoughts on “Open pick and click

      1. Even my weird mind had a bit of a hard time trying to decipher. You can edit comments as I found out yesterday. Go to Comments find yours and click on edit 🙂

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  1. Nice selection, Brian. The gun barrel and spotted pardalote made me look several times to figure out what was going on. Also, it seems like you’ve fit different-shaped photos into your gallery boxes without having to crop them and I’m wondering how you did that. Might come in useful.

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    1. Thanks Graham. I didn’t make the shapes for the boxes but did like what the editor did. I just rearranged the photos to suit the boxes.
      Simple answer – magic 😀

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