F’en birds

The Bird Weekly Photo Challenge – Birds that begin with an “F”

I think I might find a few birds with an “F” start

Grey Fantail
Grey Fantail with lunch
Rufous Fantail
Figbird male
Figbird female
Double-barred Finch
Red-browed Firetail Finch
Noisy Friarbird at lunch
Little Friarbird enjoying lunch too
Leaden Flycatcher male
Leaden Flycatcher female
Restless Flycatcher
Satin Flycatcher
Tawny Frogmouth

27 thoughts on “F’en birds

  1. I’ve been missing your “F”reaking Australian birds and your “F”unny sense of humor the last couple of weeks. The Fantail is quite the show off, but you have made it difficult for me to choose for the round up next week. “F”east or “F”amine. LOL! I could “F” you death! Seriously…thanks for an awesome gallery of “F” birds! I’m not sure what to make of the Frogmouth. He looks similar to your Nighthawks. They are tree huggers. πŸ™‚

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