Who has been eating the berries

Debbies Six Word Saturday

The Tuckaroo Tree has lovely berries and the tree is quite a show, not photographic but quite lovely with small yellow/orange berries. I noticed that there seemed to be a lot on the ground, a bit more than usual. Then it hit me. Yes a berry dropped onto my head. Now I know why.

A juvenile Figbird takes aim at another lot of berries

27 thoughts on “Who has been eating the berries

  1. A great capture. But I must say I am usually tickled about all the Australian names of birds and plants. They sound so much more fun for the tongue than Gartenrotschwanz or Mönchsgrasmücke (those are arbitrarily chosen, I couldn’t find German names for a figbird or a tuckaroo/tuckeroo tree). 😀

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    1. Australia does have some great names for native plants, birds an animals. So many German words are so long it astounds me at times. Glad you like my Figbird whose name is self explanatory 🙂

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  2. I love the name of that tree, it rolls off the tongue just as the berries roll off the tree – with help from its little friends. Great capture of that bird and berries. Do you have a tripod in your garden/balcony always on standby?

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