19 thoughts on “Bright Squares #16

      1. On a record by the group Family, Fearless, is a saying ” This album is dedicated to all the people who have pulled strokes for and against us, for they shall be called fearless.” Further down the cover in the corner is a little drawing of a dog with a speech bubble with “Daft I call it.”

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      2. I just loaded a video and might try to bright square it. I don’t know if the format is square but you’ll never know. It might be for Tuesday as the next lot are scheduled. Never had a square challenge video before?


    1. Thanks Karina 🙂 The bird was a few meters above and the breeze was gentle. Had my camera out as we were on a walk in a reserve. I thought I’d give it a go and got it much to my surprise.
      Short story – dumb luck 😀 😀


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