Lit by the sun

The Photo a Week Challenge: Backlit

This post is an experiment in using my photos utilising a separate WP site to hold my photos. This blog’s media is getting full and try as I might I can’t delete enough photos fast enough to reduce my storage. Thanks to Jude for suggesting doing this and her helpful tips. Let’s see if I can do it and it works.

Palms at sunrise

The early morning upside down spider

Whoo hoo. It works and is easy to do

48 thoughts on “Lit by the sun

      1. Palms at sunrise….
        Early morning..
        Woo hoo…
        Only your words were showing last night, Brian. Sorry for this, but I went to bed after I commented. Just reading your posts now. Hopefully, all is fixed.

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  1. No Photos here either.
    How did you transfer the images from the new WP site?

    Apologies if Iโ€™m teaching my granny to suck eggs – Go into the media file click the photo you wish to show – look to the right side scroll down and thereโ€™s an option to copy the URL. Then paste it into the other blog page.
    Not sure if it will work if your second site is marked private, just a thought. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Yes did that and also clicked on embed photo into post. I copy the URL but I have to click on edit the photo for the URL to appear as I use block. I tried classic but that didn’t work either

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      1. How very odd.

        As you know I don’t like the inflexibility of Blocks and that also applies to the Classic Block.
        Try using the WP Admin Classic, if your other site is not marked private it might work.

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      2. It is marked private so I guess that will help. Thanks Sue, I’ll try to do another “fix” later. You are a gem even though I am a blocks easy user ๐Ÿ™‚

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      3. For some weird reason, I’m like a dog with a bone with IT problems, and not just mine, but everyone else’s too – the problems won’t go away, they play on my mind as I try to think of solutions.

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      4. and I am glad you do Sue. I am about to cook my dinner so will be back later to try and work it out. I think not having my photo blog repository marked private will be the solution, even though some people can see the photos whereas others cannot

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      5. Haha. ๐Ÿ˜† The spider was there to start with. I pasted the shocked face just for you. (Matched in with the post too!)
        I didn’t click edit image, nor add image, all I did was click the page and paste in the url.
        So now we know it works, you could be back to the private site solution/problem.
        Just remembered I have an unused private site, do you want me to try it, then you’ll know if that’s the reason?

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      6. I am in between prep and cook. Have the oven on as it’s getting cooler here. I just changed the setting from private to coming soon. Lets see how that works….later


      1. Yes Jo. My storage is getting too full 92.7% and I can’t seem to delete old photos, double ups and posts fast enough so a free WP site to store photos and keep on top of things while still going back and cleaning up


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