See my reflection

The Bird Weekly Photo Challenge – Reflections of Birds

A quick bunch of birds reflections.

By the swimming pool #1 White-headed Pigeon

By the swimming pool #2 Willie Wagtail

At the waterhole on my place #1 Fuscous Honeyeater

At the waterhole on my place #2 White-throated Honeyeater

At the waterhole on my place #3 Red-browed Firetail Finch

At the beach a Silver Gull

In the wetland #1 a Royal Spoonbill

In the wetland #2 Black-necked Stork

Down at a creek #1 Two Darters

Down at a creek #2 Intermediate Egret

In the river #1 Eurasian Coot

In the river #2 a Pelican

Just an abstract

5 Minutes ago 28th March

Hammad’s Weekend Sky # 22

I haven’t been home this weekend so I thought I really should do my usual photo from the same spot to have a good record of my weekend skies. Tonight the Full Moon is behind the trees low in the sky with wonderful clouds. I still used my little camera hand held so the photo isn’t a crisp and clear image.

Here is your sky song

Not Spring here

Debbie’s One Word Sunday

I know Debbie has given leeway with the theme of Spring and let us down under do Autumn but today has been more like Summer 30C+ so to resolve my quandary of what I should post, here is Spring. For the technical minded among you, it is from my Grey Fergie tractor