They are dangerous

The Ragtag Daily Prompt Wednesday: Dangerous

I am sure some of you are a bit wary of opening this post given my penchant for the wild nature that I have at my place and in Australia in general.

Yes I did consider many photos of all of your favourite nightmares –

Other animals with claws
Those ones with sharp teeth
Insects that sting

So in deference to your fears, and I say unfounded fears, here is a ferocious video. Some may watch through their fingers, others will hesitantly push play and be ready to close this post, while others will sit back and find the whole scene to their liking.

Which one will you be?

OK I should be sorry for the “click bait”
This was taken quite a while ago and these two, mother and daughter and Minnie is now around fifteen and the fluffy one Fifi is thirteen

Perhaps a bird or two

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Birds of All Kinds

A bit of a song to have a look at a few birds. The original song I found had lots of birds in the song, and this is the basis for the photos. The song turned about to be rather crude so I went for a lovely song instead.

Time to exercise

The Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge: Inflatables

A song that some may like and some may find a bit too much but it has an inflatable theme

This week I posted an image of a sculpture of a figure bending backwards which had a bit of a conversation and I mentioned that I could do that pose using an exercise ball.

But I don’t need a pink Flamingo to swim though