44 thoughts on “Sign me up

      1. Hehe. Thanks for not commenting on my typo. Arc should read Ark. Just noticed the word looked funny. I hope you don’t need it.
        But are the roads clear? I imagine Lismore is inundated….?

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      2. I haven’t looked very much this morning but a lot of the roads were cut yesterday. The Clarence River is rising too so down river may get a bit of flooding.


  1. It gives me a warm glow to read that we all have the same problems with bending down. I thought it was only me. But back to the original comment. Hope all continues well with you and yours in the flooding. We all feel for you.

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      1. I can do it using my Fit Ball 😀
        Somewhere in post is a photo of a young woman doing it beside the sculpture. She just sort of fell backwards and walked her hands and feet close together.

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