It’s a bit wet

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Inundate
Jez’s Water Water Everywhere #70

These two photo challenges are quite pertinent at the moment. There has been so much rain south of my place and now it has hit my bit of the East Coast of Australia. So many places are flooded and the rain is going to continue until Wednesday. At my place I have recorded 252mls of rain in the past week and that is what some of the Cities further south of me recorded in one day!!! And it is still raining.

I would love to show you some recent photos but it’s too wet and I also have had car troubles so you will have to make do with some old photos from past inundations.

My House Dam has been overflowing for days.

A bit of an Aussie song to scroll to

This is the Clarence River up the road from my place. Yes there is a bridge under there somewhere. The bridge was built as a low level bridge so debris and large trees up rooted wouldn’t slam into it causing damage.

The floodwater bubble and boil. Bottlebrush trees are riverine species and the bend with the flow. The more rigid trees will snap and break with the force of the water.

On the beaches the floodwaters stir up a foamy mess

Even if it’s flooded, Cattle Egrets know how to stay high and dry.

Meanwhile in Grafton the river is rising but I don’t think it will reach this height this time

The boat shed went under water

A pub with a water view.

Afterward there is always a clean up

It certainly is weather for ducks

I am quite safe and secure just a bit soggy

47 thoughts on “It’s a bit wet

    1. Be a while before all the water is gone Del. The rain has been relentless for a week now and the worse has been the past 3 days. 264mls here in that time and it’s still raining 😮

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    1. Yep and more today. The rain has been relentless for a week now and the worse has been the past 3 days. 264mls here in that time and it’s still raining


  1. We read about the flooding but glad to know you’re safe even though there’s flooding all around. The park where I walked in Illinois used to flood periodically, as did the part of Naperville’s downtown along the river walk, sometimes looking much like these shots. I like the shot of the egrets. 🙂


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    1. I have been doing a bit around the house but don’t mind getting out when the rain eases a bit in my gumboots…..sorry wellies, and having a splash around the paddocks 🙂 🙂


    1. The humidity isn’t here yet. The temps tomorrow and Thursday are supposed to be in the low 30’s!!! Bring on the humidity then for sure Linda. Did you manage to get you job done yesterday?

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      1. Oh, it wasn’t classified as urgent. But a lot of the stuff I write never makes it onto our website. Never a reason offered, no feedback, no guidance, barely any communication at all really. And it was like that pre-covid too, not just since I’ve been WFH.

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      2. It is good to get feedback and guidance if needed. How much do you think gets onto the site? One year I did a look at stats and found that around 30% of what I did was used.

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      3. Might be around the same percentage, I reckon. It’s strange in so many ways…my role is Communications Specialist, but I really only write content. I don’t have permissions to post on website, our socials, etc. Another person does that. I’m not even included on the website under Our People – been there almost 2 years.

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      4. That’s bullshit if you don’t mind me saying. At least I used to run the social media and post content onto the website. But not being included on Our People must make you feel not very well received in the organisation.


      5. Thanks Brian 🙂
        I did quite a few interviews for our current issue of our quarterly publication, released last week. I noticed on LI, that someone external to my work, but a financial member, posted that I’d interviewed the person in question and included a link to my profile as well as the guy who I interviewed. Nice to be acknowledged, and was pleased as punch, but odd that it wasn’t from my own work colleagues. See…weird in lots of ways! Here’s a link in case none of that made sense. Hope it works OK.


  2. Dramatic photos, Brian. Glad to hear that your situation is OK. I was reading about how many creatures, including spiders, have swarmed to dry ground during the flooding, meaning they’ve swarmed people’s homes and buildings. Are you seeing any of that?

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    1. It’s all safe here Jez. the bridge is a low level bridge so any flood debris will go over and not crash into it. In regular flows the water is about a meter under the bridge. At present the river height there is 12.5 meters

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