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Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge – Pick a Topic from my Photo

A bit of Aussie music and some scenes

Well played Council

It is a rather funny place Grafton, the nearest City to my place. There are streets that start and seemingly end at a T-intersection with a park, the Racecourse or railway line as Through Street does, but these streets continue on the other side.

I had many a confused drive around when I first moved here looking for a particular business or house number which seemingly didn’t exist. Eventually went to the Tourist Information Centre and got a map. Yes an actual paper map!!!

6 thoughts on “Is it?

  1. That’s perfect! Where I used to live, the streets were a grid like most U.S. towns, so a street name might run from one end of town to the other, but it might be numerous unconnected segments. Finding out which segment a certain address was in was often a real challenge.

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  2. well we just like to mix the numbers up – I once had to pick up a friend at 6am but had not been to their house before. They were no 28 I think – well I found everything up to 24, and everything from 32 onwards, I also found a few odd numbers. In the end I decided that the houses between 24 and 32 must include no 28 even though they had no numbers and there seemed to be more houses than numbers – so I knocked on a door. Oops turned out to be some odd numbers – his was way down the other end of the street!

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