15 thoughts on “Not much has changed

  1. We had in Germany, too. Almost the same name. It was marketed as “Sunlicht” (Licht being the German equivalent of light) and the combination makes no sense at all because they kept the English “sun” and the Germans called this “soon-licht” (the ch prounounced like the Scottish “loch”). Totally warped and crazy.

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      1. It was very successful. And not the only weird English/German PR disaster (although, it worked – so calling it a disaster is not correct). Germans were for a long time not credited with being able to handle English pronunciation. Colgate (the toothpaste) was marketed with the same name in Germany and in Austria. In Austria the pronunciation was English (rhyming with wait). In German to this day it is known as “col-ga-te” (rhyming with the South American tea ma-te). Go figure!

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