The snake and the fence

OK. I reckon you would have guessed by the heading that there may be a photo of a snake in this post.

I do thank you for your bravery in opening the post those of you who do want to see but don’t want to see.

A bit of an idea of what you will encounter if you do travel further into my world.

  1. Green Tree Snakes have no fangs and no venom. They are very reluctant to bite but if provoked it will rise up, inflate its throat and body, and make a stink from its anal glands – so best not to get too close.
  2. Snake skin is not slimy. It is dry and is made up of keratin.
  3. They are thin and about 1 to 1.5 meters long.

The one you are about to encounter I found on a neighbours fence as I was driving home. As the Green Tree Snake was on a barbed wire fence it is good to check to make sure they are OK and not hooked up on the barbs.

“Excuse me, do you need a hand over there on that barbed wire fence?”

“Who? Me?”

“Nah mate, she’ll be right. I best be off.”

“OK then, maybe I’ll see over at my place. The coming cooler weather has made the mice think it’s time to set up house somewhere warm, where there’s snacks. My pantry would be a good place to hang out for a few days if you’re headed my way.”

You can see the size of this harmless little fellow compared to the gauge of the fencing wire which is 8 gauge. Sorry I don’t know what they call that size now-a-days. Thanks for getting to the end even if fast scrolling was involved.

44 thoughts on “The snake and the fence

  1. I ticked ‘like’ although I don’t like snakes but I think your post/photographs are great so, yes, I like it. I encountered a tree-snake in Thailand once when my husband was sitting under a tree in a frfiend’s garden and said friend suddenly said “Don’t make any sudden moves, Nick, but slide gently off the chair and ease over towards me”. It was actually hanging down from the tree and was a scary moment despite being told it wouldn’t bite. Now, please, can we get back to birds and flowers.

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  2. I scrolled through slowly, several times. What a cool encounter and great photos. I love how snakes move, so smooth and sinuous, and this one’s balance on that wire! Just beautiful.

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  3. We don’t have that little green guy, but we have a lot of garter snakes that live in the stone fences around here. They eat mice and insects and they can get pretty long, but are harmless. Some people keep them as pets. Garry is afraid of snakes, so we don’t discuss them much.

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    1. Thanks Marilyn. I have seen videos of Garter snakes emerging in Spring…seemingly hundreds from the same place in the rocks. Glad you enjoyed the post. Garry needs a bit of snake training πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


  4. I’m not scared of snakes per se – but I’d be scared to death of this one. That’s because I am very much South African socialised with snakes and that little guy looks very much like one of our deadliest snakes, the green boomslang (tree snake in Afrikaans). I love the pics, though.

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    1. Thanks Ann-Christine. I am as well. Would have been a tricky disengagement of an injured snake without being bitten that would have just hurt a bit. Then have to take it to a wildlife rescuer. That would have changed my afternoon around

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