Some are after someone

Ragtag Daily Prompt Monday: Pursuit

Just a bit of a slow pursuit to scroll to

The largest most feared Wedged-tailed Eagle making sure an angry Australian Raven wasn’t going to give it a good pecking.

Size doesn’t matter when a Noisy Friarbird makes sure a Square-tailed Kite keeps away from their nest tree

A Magpie hot in pursuit of a Wedged-tailed Eagle

Even a Magpie has a pursuit every now and then but they can make you tired and just want to sit for a while but oh no….someone has to keep up with the thrill of the chase. Pee Wees or Magpie Larks just keep going until you are out of their personal space

“Hey Dave, look what’s going on up there. Time for us to get going.”

29 thoughts on “Some are after someone

  1. Two wedgies came to an oval near us last year. One rested in a tree. The other landed on the oval to pluck his dinner – a sulphur crested cockatoo. When something scared him off, he flew away with his meal in his talons and was pursued by a great arrow of upset magpies. It was amazing to see, but also weird. Wild nature like that doesn’t often visit suburban ovals.

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