30 thoughts on “Reflections of a purple puddle

      1. Hm… it’s ok, never mind, the purple edited version is it 😊
        And I mentioned contests because I upload photos on Photocrowd too, besides my blog, to have a bit of extra photo fun with their contests there : ))

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      2. I see, yes, I know what you mean, on some sites that is quite true. On Photocrowd it all seems quite… harmless somehow, regarding losing ownership over photos.. or so, and that was even why I went on uploading anyway.

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      3. Oh… 😃, mostly top 10, 25 and 50% awards in the ranking. Photocrowders vote there, the community and so, but there are also judges and Premium contests. Also some of my photos were commended by the judges, so to say, but… for me it is mostly about trying to find photos to fit the briefs, seeing many other photos from all over the world, compare mine against them, who knows what really drives me… feels relaxing anyway 😊
        Here is a link to my photos there, if you want to have a look around, https://www.photocrowd.com/photographer-community/82103/

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      4. That does sound like fun. It is good to get in the top rankings. Did you compare yours against the winners and work out why theirs was better?
        On my way to look at yours now 🙂 🙂


      5. Hm… yes, I tried that, but I suppose it depends much on the cameras too, the level of professionalism and such, and I, not being too technical… well. I am trying to avoid losing myself through the technicalities much, being an amateur and all, although… I know, photography is an art based on quite much engineering as well 😊

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      6. Asta m-a dezamăgit să intru în concursuri. Micul meu Canon PowerShot vs 5.000 $ plus camere foto plus expertiză în manipularea fotografiilor. Fac doar fotografii pentru că îmi place să o fac. Nu ar trebui să fiu atât de leneș și să folosesc doar engleza. Sper că este în regulă? 🙂

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      7. Some of those photos are wonderful. Those raspberries in selective colour are wow. Yoiu have so many good stats. Over 10,000 photos loved!!! and 720 awards, that’s so good. Caan you sell from there?
        I shall think of joining

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      8. About the selling part… not too sure how it can be from Photocrowd, though initially, back in 2017 when I joined, that was also my intention, maybe to sell (after selling a few images on Shutterstock, for instance 😊) hm… but it seems I am still more into having fun than selling. Oh my… your Romanian looks and sounds nice 😃

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    1. Go on. I am sure you’ll have a puddle photo but it’s Jez’s Water Water so it doesn’t have to be a puddle. I had fun with the purple for Sue’s challenge


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