It’s all white now

Terri’s Sunday Stills: A #White Washed World

Puff Ball Fungi

White flower (can’t remember the name)

White Rose

Caper White Butterfly

White Native Hibiscus

White-headed Pigeon


Dendrobium flowers

Pied Cormorant

Small white native flowers

White-throated Honeyeater

White Swans on Loch Lamond

White Hydrangea

White calf

A foggy morning

25 thoughts on “It’s all white now

  1. That’s a whole lot of wonderful whites, Brian. I especially like the shot from underneath the hydrangea and seeing your cormorant, which is very different from our black/very dark ones. Cormorants fascinate me. When underwater, I think of them as the U-boats of birds: silent and deadly. And if they didn’t have to flap their wings when they flew, they’d look a lot like stealth bombers, at least the black ones would.


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  2. Brian, everyone of those photos is magnificent. You knocked my socks off with the first one, then just kept them coming. the butterfly is fabulous, the white flowers delicious. The birds – way to close up to be comfortable! πŸ™‚ Please eek some of your talent over my way. πŸ™‚

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