A favourite yellow

Jude’s Life in Colour: Yellow
Bird Weekly Photo Challenge – Birds You Love

Another double up for photo challenges. Some may have noticed I’ve not been around for a short while so I have a bit of a catch-up going on. I will be doing a few more yellow post as Jude’s photo challenge is for the month so here is a teaser of what could be coming. I have decided just to just do one bird for Lisa’s Bird Weekly Photo Challenge as I would be here forever trying to decide which ones to post. If you have a favourite bird that I may have a photo of, give me a shout in the comments and I might just do one more favourite bird post.

So which bird did I pick? I am sure a lot of you will know that one of the cutest birds that I have at my place is the Eastern Yellow Robin. I can’t just decide on one photo so perhaps a gallery of this darling bird. Some may remember the robin from my besties place, Bobbin, who will be in here somewhere. perhaps more than once!

Here’s a tune while you have look at the Eastern Yellow Robin.

25 thoughts on “A favourite yellow

  1. Ah, Brian! I love this little fellow..or fellows! And yellow! We only have the European red Robin, but he is my favourite in my garden too. Right now I am making him little crumbs of fat so that he will survive every day. He doesn’t eat from the ordinary feeder, but wants his food on the ground – or on a plate!

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      1. My Nana had one or maybe two. I was only very little. I am not keen on birds in cages. My mother hated birds in cages, she grew up with an African Grey parrot in the house and her dad kept birds in a large aviary.

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