The cupboard’s journey

OK due to popular demand here is a bit more about the cupboard that featured on my Last on the Card post. My bestie used to like on an old property which had under gone a few changes over the hundred plus years of its existence. Like many farms back then they did everything on farm. Having a dig around the place there were old remnants of the farm. The old dairy bails were converted into a guest house.

The cupboard was made from the scraps of wood that was lying around and was in a bad condition. Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos before I dismantled it almost a year ago. I wasn’t going to make it any different than it was so I just basically put it back together again.

So this is a bit about what I did. The drawers didn’t work at all and I was told they never did.. A new bit for the drawers was made. You can see the damage to the wood but being old timber, it was surprisingly sound.

The new section for the drawers glued and clamped

The drawers are in good condition. The crack doesn’t go all the way through, it’s just on the surface of the drawers bottom.

Putting the top back on with some of the tools used to restore the cupboard.

Doors back on. My part of the history of the cupboard is the new hinges and barrel bolt. Even among the shelves, jars and boxes of old stuff I couldn’t find the right hinges or door closer that looked old.

The photo that started it all.

The other part of this shed project was the shelves. At one stage there was a set of shelves that sat on top of the cupboard. These shelves are now going to be stand alone shelves. This is the before

I knocked them apart, resized them, made a new bottom shelf from the wood of an old door

Gave the top a clean up and put it on.

Cut the timbers at the back and nailed them back on.

Various views

Apparently the doors never closed properly

39 thoughts on “The cupboard’s journey

  1. Great ‘recovery’ of both pieces, Brian – Congratulations! Really good work!
    Have a question about that old paint. What does Australian H&S say about restoring old pieces that might have lead paint? Am always wondering about the health angle, and curious how the rest of the world handles such things. πŸ€”

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    1. It is a concern. I use masks when dealing with old painted surfaces. Luckily I didn’t want to do anything to the paint on these. My brief was to restore as is.
      I am glad you like the cupboard and shelves Del πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  2. yes, this is the one … WP wouldn’t let me like or comment last time!

    But that’s no answer to a ladies SOS Brian, I’m not joking … it’s impossible to get a handyman 😦

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    1. I know Kate, there is a lack of skilled people as they have gone to SE Qld, Brissy Byron or Sydney where the big money is.
      I am just a bit of a shed bloke who does stuff. Send me an email and show me your dilemma :

      Liked by 1 person

      1. appreciate that, I text yet another possibility today, so if he hasn’t responded in 24 hours I’ll send that email, thanks. I figure even if I get just one job done that’s a huge help and more than I could do!

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