Smallest one around here

Debbie’s One Word Sunday: Smallest

I am always showing all those weird and wonderful creatures from around here. Some of the spiders I have posted I must admit have been rather on the large side. So without the usual warning great big space so those who can’t can. This is a Jewel Spider. More after you have sen this wonderful beauty

The above is a Female and is about 12mm long – half inchish The Males grow to a whopping 5mm – quarter inchish.

“You don’t have to worry about this arachnoid, they are harmless. Although many specialists think their toxicity is uncertain, this spider is considered to be too small to cause human illness. They are not very aggressive (they rarely bite) and their venom glands are only normally used to subdue prey (Atkinson 2011). If you are bitten by this spider, you will probably feel temporary reactions like redness, swelling, or itching can sometimes be experienced on the bite area. Overall, these spiders when disturbed, will try to escape by clambering upside-down along their support threads to nearby shelter (Framenau 2014)..”

Hop onto the website – it is a very interesting very small spider

37 thoughts on “Smallest one around here

    1. I was somewhat taken aback when I was walking across the dam wall when I spied the colours in the sun. Such a tiny but wonderful little spider. Love the name “Christmas Spider” too πŸ™‚

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      1. Yeah, sort of. planted to be Christmas Trees so only five left. The Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos don’t mind a snack on the pine cones so I will miss them and once my Casuarinas (She-oaks) are back, some are, they will have food. πŸ™‚

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      1. Funny you should use that word. The spider looks like a sparkly version of the crab spiders here. They spin webs collectively and I’m forever blundering into them!

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