Once upon a wire

Becky’s Square Photo Challenge #SquareUp
The Bird Weekly Photo Challenge: Birds on a Wire or a Fence
Ragtag Daily Prompt Sunday: Adieu

Yes I have joined with the ranks of those who have doubled up. The first is my Square for Becky and the rest a random number of photos and yes to all who have asked, I will name the birds perhaps in the captions.

The song for the prompts way back to the 60’s, there’s even a harpsichord! How hippy is that?

Welcome Swallows up on the wire admiring the hot orange sky

Here are the rest of the flock

Welcome Swallow gathering nesting material
A fluffy bum of an Eastern Yellow Robin also getting a nest ready
Red-browed Firetail Finch
Chestnut-breasted Mannikin not really as grumpy as it looks
Restless Flycatcher on the look out
Sometimes Eastern Rosellas just like to chill
If you are going to check out a market, find a good spot
Pick the odd one out. No it’s not a Magpie Lark on Steroids, it’s just a Magpie.
My “arty” photo of a Magpie on a post. Handheld. Full focus. Possibly wrong setting. Heat haze
A Double Barred Finch. I don’t know, a look of disdain?
A cheerful little Jacky Winter

Not only do we say adieu to our daily squares for January, #SquareUp, but also to a Ragtag Prompter Christine who has supplied some challenging prompts. Adieu Christine, see around the posts

39 thoughts on “Once upon a wire

    1. I was bereft of ideas then saw Lisa’s post and then saw some others had done a double up πŸ˜€ as well. No time (or space on y site) to do a whole lot more square birds on wires πŸ™‚ always thinking of my Becky x

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      1. awww I am touched – you are amazing. You are one of a around dozen who has been with me since 2017 on this journey. I am truly blessed by the square community

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      2. and I think I have found some “close friends” from our square community to write and comment with from all over. I think I may have encouraged a few to “sign up” for this year lol


  1. What a wonderful gallery of birds this week, Brian! The first one with the sun is amazing and certainly woke me up! I would be in awe if I saw all these birds. Like a kid in a candy store! I don’t think there was anything wrong with your camera for the Magpie. I think they curse everyone’s camera. Every single photo I’ve ever taken of a magpie has been blurry and there was nothing wrong with my camera. Photos before it were fine and photos after it were fine. It’s a CURSE!!! πŸ™‚

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