Superb penumbra of red up in the Grevillea

The Ragtag Daily Prompt: Penumbra
Becky’s Square Photo Challenge: #SquareUp

One of the reasons I wanted to play guitar

A King Parrot wondering what I am doing down there in the late afternoon. What do you think – B&W or colour?

37 thoughts on “Superb penumbra of red up in the Grevillea

    1. Have two photos exactly the same. I converted photo to b&w from colour. On the menu for which block you want to use put I in the search. Image Compare will come up, follow the instructions and bung in your photos….easy πŸ™‚
      The b&w background doesn’t distract from the red perhaps


      1. Yes, I think that is it. I was surprised. When I looked at the compound (half and half) photo, I was sure I’d choose the colored one, but when I saw them separately, I preferred the black and white.. but how did you get the flower to stay red?

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      2. Using a function called selective colour in most photo editing program. It allows you to pick the colour, mainly primary, and converts everything to b&w except the colour you chose


      3. There’s lots of free ones. I used one for my tablet and after a year they waned me to pay. nothing disclosed beforehand. I think popularity got in the way of greed. They could have just improved what they had and sell the upgrade


    1. I am glad you like this one Jo πŸ™‚ yes back then there was a Top 40 and if a track was more than three and a half minutes the chance of being played was zilch. When they released MacArthur Park it was said that it would be around for a week at the most as at around seven minutes, it was too long. It was in the charts for twelve weeks and peaked at number four πŸ™‚


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