Add Summer to a bit of Winter

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It is difficult when the Northern hemisphere is experiencing Winter while I am here on a 35C day staying inside keeping cool. I don’t really have a Winter either so I don’t really have any wintery photos but I do have a bit of Summer to make good use of the first part of Debbies quote

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”  – John Steinbeck

Something for some of you to look forward to

15 thoughts on “Add Summer to a bit of Winter

  1. Ah summer … it can be nice. Yet, here in central California, after years of drought and near drought, we are grateful for the heavy rain and mountain snow of a Pineapple Express this week. Grateful, that is, unless living in one of the flash flood or landslide prone parts of the state. Who knows which end is up?

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    1. Having had a recovery from 2 and a bit years of drought, then devastating fires, then floods, it appears that this Summer we are back on some sort of even keel with afternoon storms and rain to quell the heat 🙂


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