It’s up on the top shelf

Another photo challenge double up with Becky’s Square Photo Challenge: #SquareUp and Debbie’s Six Word Saturday or Stay home, stay safe, read books

A bit of reading music perhaps. (Becky – notice that the logo on the video is also square) (Debbie – Book…Saturday!!!)

40 thoughts on “It’s up on the top shelf

    1. Thanks Jo 🙂 yes I was hesitant when I first hit play but it was quite surprised. I really like their album Islands especially side 2. Hope you weekend is better than the latter part of the last week Jo ❤


      1. Can only improve today, hon. Mick spent the majority of yesterday evening being violently ill. Hopefully it wasn’t my cooking and that he’s ok when he gets up this morning 😦

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      2. Oh no. Poor love 😦 Couldn’t be cooking Jo. You would smell if it wasn’t right. I lived in share houses so you learnt not to trust food in the fridge or cupboards. One lass wanted to add milk to the soup I think it was, it came out in a lump and was not a pretty sight or smell. It took me a few weeks after I stopped work to stop smelling the milk before I used it….working in an office…sometimes……

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      1. Oh we don’t need it, we already have it! Probably hundreds of books in house, then 500ish in the storeroom by house and then 1000cubic feet of books in his main storage!!

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      2. Oh dear. Does he sell many or just collects. Do you dread the delivery person coming to the door with a trolley of boxes marked Mr B 😀 😀


  1. Don’t think I’ve ever seen so many books stacked flat, one on top of another, rather than side by side. Could get a little dicey taking one from the bottom of a pile on a bottom shelf.

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  2. Guessing that’s not your closet, although mine looks a bit like that, at least the higher shelves. But every time I want one of those books on the top shelf, I have to lug in the step stool. Sigh. Ahh, well gotta read and sometimes I want a real book rather than an e-book. But I certainly appreciate that there are e-books or the pandemic would be even more of a nightmare than it is and has been. 🙂

    Why do I suddenly feel an urge to get off the laptop and into a book??????


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