Not now

FOWC with Fandango: Avoid

up there!
Did you see

I said
That he said.
OK I said
I see a FOWC
but was going
to avoid this one.

But why he said?
I don’t have anything
not even a photo.
You must
have a photo
that’s what you do!

But I write
I said.
So maybe some words
and avoid a photo.
But have you words
No one will read them
get a photo.

We can post it later
and avoid
the rush
Have you found a photo?

Did you want
to scare people?
No, of course
It is a way
to say

23 thoughts on “Not now

    1. A Mouse Spider I disturbed while gardening a while ago. Yes can give a nasty bite, hospital asap is advised. Just put the rock back and went elsewhere to do stuff 🙂


      1. Gardening is always gloves, thick gloves. Never know who you may encounter. I was bitten a while ago and just managed to see the culprit, a Wolf Spider, a common garden spider.


    1. Thanks very much 🙂 some spider yes caution others let them do their thing, I’ll do mine until they start trying to take over and a good sweep out and after a while, some will pop back in. I don’t remove Huntsman spiders, they are great insect control and harmless, just hairy 🙂

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