Going up going up

Becky’s Square Photo Challenge: #SquareUp

I was going to use this photo for Silent Sunday but the irony was too much for me to bear. Many trees at my place have Cicada shells such as these. The sound at times is absolutely deafening. After living underground for years, they have emerged.

I wonder if a whole lot of Cicadas could be a Gaggle

33 thoughts on “Going up going up

      1. Most times I listen to the music for quality and not watch the video as much. That was the only version I could find with Mad Mike or whatever his name was blabbing on at the start 😦

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  1. Google tells me it’s a “superfluidity of cicadas”. Can you agree to that?
    I remember when we moved from Johannesburg central to one of the suburbs and my husband (who is a lot more sensitive to noise than I am) was looking forward to the quiet. The first night he was out in the garden trying to locate a single cicada which was driving him batty!

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