Spread your wings

The Bird Weekly Photo Challenge – Birds With Long Wingspans
Becky’s #SquareUp Day 2

A bit of a double up on photo challenges. Another post on the fly.

This video has some wonderful images set to a great Aussie song

In the air one of the biggest eagles a Wedged-tailed Eagle

Black Kites can maneuver very well

I love seeing Straw-necked Ibis when the soar

Pelicans look different from below

Square-tailed Kites live in forests and are agile as they fly through the trees

Royal Spoonbills are graceful

I love watching the birds heading to their roost at sunset

73 thoughts on “Spread your wings

      1. My misc folder where all the photos go first before sorting goes back to 31 August with some days of lots of photos. There are some that are named but not in their folders yet. A big job but let’s do it!!!

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      2. I was going to get a screen shot just the birds folders and I can’t get it all on one screen!!!
        Yes get Sue as well…..I’ll gentle nag from my end.
        I am starting with my naming and sorting photos within that misc folder. Next sub-folder unsorted 31 Aug 2019 to be done. I want to do at least a folder a day


  1. Hi Bb
    Love the assortment of birds you chose for day 2 of square up and your bird theme (on the fly – you are so punny)
    And the video was enjoyable – for the melody and music and for the birds
    But also the social psychology message
    – like at the 2:30 mark about seeing your brother crawl

    And the end like “can you see me?”

    So that jam could be light or a little deep!

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