Five minutes ago 12 December

The sky song for Hammad’s Weekend Sky #10

Last weekends heat was quite hot. In contrast, I am trying to stay warm on a chilly wet morning. The rain has arrived and there has been good falls of rain over the past week. This weekends photo is taken during a rain shower

5 thoughts on “Five minutes ago 12 December

  1. Hey BB
    As you can tell I am getting caught up
    And do enjoy your blog so enjoying this catch up.
    And landing here to some Neil going was a nice pause –
    Going to finish the song now – and wanted to say that is for it.
    The dairy farm post from 2700 posts ago was enjoyable me too – as were the birds and your travel challenge post etc

    Okay – back to enjoy this song you gifted us

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  2. Hey Brian,
    Really good to know that showers finally fell down over at your side after going through some hot days. My town went through the same in the summer this year and the amount of showers we received was indeed beyond expectations. Thanks for sharing such a lovely track, as usual and apologies from my side for checking out this entry of yours this much 🙂

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