44 thoughts on “The red and the green

      1. Sorry I haven’t been visiting much recently, caught up with work. Hope to do a proper catch up this weekend. You share such fantastic posts, my life feels dull when I don’t pop by x

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      2. I don’t believe your life to be dull Becky. Yes life does get in the way of doing other stuff. I hope you’ll have time to relax. Are you feeling OK? x


      3. No way!!! That is so painful and annoying, poor you. Does boiler breaking mean no heating and or hot water? Just the thing for the weekend 😦


      4. Not fixing boilers unfortunately, however we’re now sorting room 2 with open fire so all of downstairs going to be very cosy soon. Well apart from loo, but we can cope!!

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      5. Well cuddles to keep warm will be nice. You could always ask the neighbours. It would be like the olden times when the dunny was out back and was a cold walk in winter to go to the loo


      6. It’s reminding me of my student life. No central heating, tiny gas fires in lounge and bedrooms, and no heating at all in bathroom. In winter curtains often froze to windows!

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