A mishmash of Close-ups with a bit of Black & White

CMMC – November Close Up or Macro
CBWC – Black & White Circles and Curves

24 thoughts on “A mishmash of Close-ups with a bit of Black & White

    1. Thanks Becky 🙂 I thought I’d sneak in a snake and was going to put in a big hairy spiders leg but thought better of it. One scare is enough for the faint-hearted


    1. Always want to keep my readers not sure of what they may see on any post. I want ed to get a photo of the truck. I was walking towards it when the bloke jumped in and started to drive off!!!
      Hanging cool indeed Jo. It didn’t quite make it to 36C today but humid as…..not looking forward to tomorrows proposed maximum at all 😦

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      1. Easy access to food sources. Just sneak up into the roof cavity to look about for rodents and perhaps if lucky, a possum. Up on the rafters is a great place to keep warm as well


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