24 thoughts on “Will it be read or read or red

    1. Thanks ever so much Yvette šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ That Little Red School Book was a very controversial book in its time, It gave young people things to consider in their life life alcohol, drugs, sex and all the stuff that schools in those days and parents………well some parents didn’t some did, didn’t teach and was in everyday language


      1. I don’t think so I found this
        When it first appeared in the 1970s, The Little Red Schoolbook was banned by the UK authorities, which confiscated copies and prosecuted the publisher under the Obscene Publications Act. Why? Because this little book aimed to educate teenagers about democracy, sex and drugs – in frank, simple language – and encouraged them to view adults as “paper tigers”. The Little Red Schoolbook has been unavailable for more than 40 years, but it remains surprisingly relevant for young people today. Reissued here in its original and uncensored format, with informative footnotes and a new foreword by the surviving author Soren Hansen, it encourages teenagers to have the confidence to seek information for themselves, challenge authority and question the status quo.

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      2. Yes – and maybe available at “those adult” stores – haha
        And again
        Really cool how you connected to the words
        – I liked Su’s red flower planters with words –
        And the the red phone ā˜Žļø booth with books – and so
        With tea for readers too- lol
        I am looking forward to seeing what other o e word sundays come in this week

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