Too many times

Debbie’s quotation-inspired image

AS is with most of my posts, here’s a bit of Australian music from one of my favourite 1970’s bands, Mental as Anything.

Enjoy a listen as you scroll at too many times (but sometimes you just have to) gallery inspired by the quotation for this week –

“Photography is pretty simple stuff. You just react to what you see, and take many, many pictures.”
– Elliott Erwitt

I had a terracotta bird bath. The birds used to love to come and have a drink or a bath. It is a place in the garden that is worth sitting hidden or even from the verandah viewing. I have taken liberties at using the words quotation-inspired image especially the image singular part…….

Sometimes it is comical when the Rainbow Lorikeets splash about.

or just sit and ponder….I’m sure Rainbow Lorikeets have ponderences

A Spangled Drongo would like you to turn around while he has his bath please

Yellow-faced Honeyeaters were usually amicable to sharing the bird bath

as were Silvereyes, who were rarely by themselves

THey would share with most other small birds like this Red-browed Firetail finch

More than often the Silvereyes turned up for a party

The White-throated Treecreeper was the funniest getting sorted at the bird bath. Most of the time Treecreepers spend their time in a vertical pose hopping up and down tree trunks digging under the bark for insects, hence the way he’s sitting which would keep your butt cool on a hot day I reckon

The female Satin Bowerbird liked to sit on the edge and have a bit of a chatter before plunging in

Sometimes a male Satin Bowerbird would appear when she was there. They are more of a solitary bird and don’t hang around much unless it’s for you know what!!

The Spotted Pardalote, one of the first times I spotted one in my garden

Another sharing between a Yellow-faced Honyeater and an Eastern Spinebill

A Scarlet Honeyeater wonders if he can hang on to get a drink like the Silvereyes when the water is low being the smallest honeyeater

The bigger birds liked the bird bath as it was quite solid. Pied Currawongs come down from the mountains when the weather gets cooler and head back in Spring

Grey Fantails make a bit of a show at the bird bath

Noisy Friarbirds aren’t the best sharers in my garden. They were quite dominant this year. In the evening their calls from all around my house indicated there were lots of birds. They stopped other birds snacking on the grevilleas as best they could. At the end is a video from around five years ago.

Little White-throated Honeyeaters look so cute fluffed up after a bath

There is always a disagreement at times when King Parrots get together

Rainbow Lorikeets and Musk Lorikeets didn’t share all the best either

and an Eastern Yellow Robin is always around

36 thoughts on “Too many times

  1. Amazing photos, and I love your birdbath. Had it been broken and fixed or was it made to look like that? Either way, I love it. The friarbird was a bit of a shock. Looks like he got his beak broken. I can’t believe the diversity of birds in your garden. Were these taken over a few months’ period or in a short amount of time? I’m so jealous. Have you ever seen a bellbird? I heard them but never saw one.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. The bird bath is broken beyond repair. I think a Possum tried to get up the pole and into the bird bath for a drink. That was the original design.
      The photo were taken over a few years. I went back as some people wouldn’t have seen some of my older photos. Bellbirds are about 50kms from here at the base of the mountain range. I have never seen one in the wild

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  2. Brian, A terrific tour of the amazingly diverse bird life you have at your place. Very enjoyable to view and to see a few that I never knew existed. Keep those photos coming. I don’t always comment but I always look. Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Of course, would be Aussie if you weren’t singing soon as you saw the words. Glad you like the photos Tracy 🙂 the new one is ok a flattish dish with a funky sort of mock Clarise Cliff pattern. A bit of a chip already but it was $1 op-shop buy. I have another terracotta one – they are/were pot plant hanging pots so am thinking of making that the new bird bath and possum proof

      Liked by 1 person

      1. All it takes us one look out of the windows and I’m distracted…. talking of which must dash. Gorgeous sky out there 😍 sun rose 20min ago and sky suddenly now gone red

        Liked by 1 person

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