Beauties still soaring towards our Moon

Debbies Six Word Saturday and One Word Sunday: Night

T’was night
our Moon
lighting our World
incredible sight.

Betwixt the tree
darkened shapes
our Moon
being free.

Look to the sky
see shapes
see above
Our Moon will fly.

Incredible sight
lighting our World
our Moon
T’was night.

10 thoughts on “Beauties still soaring towards our Moon

    1. Yes Jo. All is well. My wifi connection to my tablet went kaput so I didn’t have much chance to do stuff while at K’s for the past few days. It has also been a bit hot letting me know Summer is here 🙂 🙂


  1. Excellent. The photo is full of atmosphere, and I love the poem – very clever use of symmetry, Brian. I felt a sense of pattern and closure but had to look closely to see exactly how you had done that with the words.

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