Look for the shadow

The 2020 Photo Challenge #45 – November Theme/Technique: Black and White Photography

From Jude’s tips – “What is important though is the composition. Try using a square format to emphasise the composition especially if there is a distinct pattern formation. When you take a picture in monochrome you may have to make different decisions about how you compose the shot.

“One sees differently with colour photography than black and white… in short visualisation must be modified by the specific nature of the equipment and materials being used” Ansel Adams

You can use Monochrome Mode on your camera, or turn colour photos into black and white with your favourite post-processing application.”

This week's assignment - Look for shadows and textures. Carefully choose your images so that you can angle the light to create a sense of depth with the shadows.

21 thoughts on “Look for the shadow

    1. Not really Jo. When I started enjoying taking photos all my family could afford was black and white processing. I love using monochrome on my camera as well as converting colour images to black and white. I am showing my age methinks 😀 😀

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      1. There is no wrong or right I feel Jo. I don’t like to be precious about my images. Some enjoy them and some not so much. I love you images of Portugal and when we can we are coming so make sure there’s room ❤


      1. Not to worry – the black and white challenge runs to the end of the month so you can post at any time, not necessarily during the week the assignment is posted. Nature and Urban scenes are the last ones in the month. In case you have a camera in hand 🙂

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