This is October 2020

How late am I getting this done? So many things of no consequence happening and I am being very slack in sorting photos and getting myself together.

This may be a bit haphazard and not quite concise with the flow and descriptions but I just wanted to get this post out for my own piece of mind. Admittedly I did get a bit wayward with trying to get things together for Becky’s wonderful #SquareKind photo challenge.

On a personal note, I saw the Neurologist in October and I saw the MRI of my brain. It was fascinating to see the slices and was very happy to see there wasn’t anything untoward. But as I thought, she reaffirmed the legal requirement that I don’t drive a vehicle, that includes the farm ute, ride-on lawnmower as well not operate a push mower, chainsaw, power tools or climb ladders. Well that stops me from doing about 80% of my life. It’s for my own safety and the safety of others. Social isolation and Covid lock downs are almost mainstream but now I am in Neuro Lock down as well as my normal social isolation due to living in a almost remote location.

Enough of that, let’s get started. All sitting comfy with some refreshments to hand as you should know by now I do post a lot of photos which summarises what I saw and found in My October 2020. Have a bit of a listen as you scroll too. I am sure you may enjoy a song…..

AS usual, lets start with a wonderful sunrise

The Spangled Drongos were awake enjoying the morning

Rufous Whistlers sang in the morning

A Red-backed Fairy Wren had his morning bath

The female Satin Bowerbird dived right in

A White-faced Heron stood guard in the morning protecting the nest high in the tree

A Yellow-faced Honeyeater came for breakfast on the Honey Gem Grevillea

Two White-naped Honeyeaters debated whether to grab a snack or have a bath

The Striated Pardalote looked for food on my verandah.

This Satin Bowerbird has set up home in my garden.

The old swimming pool, now a bit of a dragonfly and frog haven, attracted the attention of a Scared Kingfisher who decided that this was the place to have a bath.

The first of the Rainbow Lorikeets turned up in the garden to check it out for Summer.

Rainbow Bee-eaters were a splash of colour for a Spring morning

Only a mother could love a baby Noisy Friarbird

Sometimes King Parrots like to hang about in the garden

We went to one of our favourite spots for a bit of a look around to see the fire recovery and have a picnic. Raspberry Lookout is just up the range from my place and a favourite spot.

The Banksia trees had a good burn but this helps the seeds germinate as they pop open and scatter with papery like seed that blow on the wind. Children’s stories talk of the Banksia men. They do look a bit scary don’t they

It was good to see that a lot of the vegetation was growing. I love the colours of the new growth of the Trigger Plant.

The Native Lilac False Sarsaparilla were flowering quite well. I also have this species on my place.

The Trigger Plant flowers attracted a Native Bee

IN my garden, the Stingless Native Bees filled their pollen sacks from the Hippeastrums

A Large Yellow Butterfly came for a visit to the Bottle Brush flowers

Common Grass Blue Butterflies were everywhere in the garden this Spring

The first of the Caper White Butterflies arrived in late October and many more were here a few days ago. They love the Pentas flowers in my garden

It is always lovely to see Orchard Swallowtail Butterflies in the garden. One of the largest butterflies that I get here

I think this may be a mosquito being a pollinator on a Daisy in the garden

Some of the succulents are getting ready for Summer

The Roses at my besties place looked a treat over Winter and Spring. I have too many animal who love to eat the leave and flower buds as well as the flowers for me to grow Roses here.

By the end of October, the Grevilleas have finished their Spring flowering and are setting seeds

This year my Begonias had a very showy flowering.

Another not your usual pollinator, a fly on the Marigolds this time

This tiny Grevillea, called Billy Bonkers, flowers have some attendant ants

The Stingless native Bees like the Dietes flowers too

Agapanthus in the garden had a great flowering this Spring

The bees loved the Cornflowers in my besties garden. I love the radiant blue of Cornflowers.

I wasn’t sure if thge Lolly Bushes would have survived the fire but they have bounced back and the flowering was quite wonderful. Yes the flowers smell like lollies.

Looking inside of the Orange Hippeastrum

Red Dragonflies were all around the garden

After watering the garden one morning, this spiders web attracted my attention with sparkles in the morning sun

After a bit of rain, I went to check to see how much water went into the dam. I noticed one of the Cape Lillies in the middle of the dam looked a bit different. Nestled in among the flower was a Dwarf Green Tree Frog.

Our Moon has risen in the afternoon. I love the blue sky and our Moon

Thanks for visiting and taking the time to have a look at my October. I would like to know if you had a favourite photo. I’ll try not to be so tardy for My November. Have a great day or evening depending on what side of the world you are.

48 thoughts on “This is October 2020

  1. I’m delighted to hear that your latest MRI was good. How much longer have you got before you can drive again?

    Your October images are just too gorgeous, but despite the beauty of each and every one, my favourite is the chilled out parrot that’s just hanging there in the garden.

    I’m sorry to say the music grated on my ‘brain’ I actually competed with the screaming as I told it to shut up! πŸ˜€

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I was going with something else maybe I should have found another song for you Sue πŸ™‚
      The driving. Well I can drive from the 4th January until my next appointment on 21st Feb. If all is going well and I get taken of the meds then I can’t drive for a further 6 MONTHS to see how I go with no medication so that will be the end of August 2021.
      King Parrots are the clowns of the garden that’s for sure x

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  2. Glad to hear everything looked good on the MRI Brian and it’s always a treat to see the wildlife and flowers in your own and your bestie’s garden. The king parrot image is my favourite, it always looks like fun to hang out with these birds! πŸ€—

    Liked by 1 person

  3. We don’t realize how much we value our independence until we lose it. I hope your recovery continues to improve! It is never easy to choose a favourite, but I did find the Banksia tree quite intriguing, and of course the sparkly spiders web, and the noisy friarbird (somebody has to love it), and…I could go on…

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I loved this post. I am home, too, with restrictions because I had a hip operation, and I am not to bend from the waist, so when something drops to the floor, it stays there. I never realized how many times I drop things to the floor!!! I had never seen anything like those banksia men!!! I am going to review this post in more depth when I finish looking at other people’s. I cannot drive right now, either, but it is great to have WordPress.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It does seem that when you can’t do n something that things happen. I had the same thing a while ago that I didn’t realise how clumsy I really am lol
      Thanks Carol and hope you get back for another look around. Hope you feel better soon


  5. I just went back and scrolled through the photos with the music. I LOVED the music!! All those unusual birds, with all those unusual names! I have a grevilla, but I do not think my weather is right for it. What a wonderful October you had, and I am glad your MRI was good.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I just replied to the earlier comment lol
      I am glad you liked the song. Don’t over water the grevillea and prune back in cold weather if it gets cold where you are


  6. My favorite photos would probably be the Banksia seeds, the native bees, and Orchard Swallowtail. It’s weird how, when you can’t do something you usually do all the time, you swear you’ll never take it for granted again. Then when the restriction is lifted, you quickly forget about it and it becomes normal again. Hang in there. This too shall pass.

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  7. Brian, you are coping with not being able to drive remarkably well. How on earth are you going to manage? Do you think the smoke you ingested during the fires could have had anything to do with your earlier illness? As always, I find your bird visitors and the beautiful plants on your property so wondrous. Those banksia seed are awesome.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Maybe the smoke? I was found to have a severe sleep apnea but this happened before the next step in the process of solutions. Probably a case of lack of oxygen during sleep as it happened while I was asleep and I don’t remember anything


  8. Glad your mri results are good, Brian! Just sucks about the driving though, but better safe than sorry, right?
    It’s damn difficult to choose a favourite photo, they’re all so lovely! As always I enjoy your bird shots, the Banksia seeds are sooo cool, the flowers beautiful and the hanging king parrot is a hoot! But I think the red dragonfly is the one that stood out for me the most, maybe because I love dragonflies but maybe because this red one really reminds me of a tiny red dragon!! πŸ˜€πŸ²

    Liked by 1 person

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