Blackfeather revisited

The Bird Weekly Photo Challenge: Birds with Black Feathers

First off, let me explain the title. My High School dance, which was the last one we held at the High School Hall when I was in 5th Year, was one of the best ever. Only 6th and 5th Formers were allowed to attend and the band who played were one of the foremost Aussie groups at the time whose name was Blackfeather. They were such a great group that I was them many times and they had a few line-up changes and a bit of controversy. There is a few versions of this song, one has a sort of a classical piano introduction I think Lisa would enjoy but the quality isn’t all that good.

Here is one version that brings back memories of losing a girlfriend but another girl came into my life and awakened the future man in me.

OK enough of that stuff, here are some bird with black feathers.

Australian Raven

Satin Bowerbird

Pied Currawong

Pied Butcherbird

Australian Magpie

Australian Magpie being harassed by a Magpie Lark or commonly called Pee Wee

Magpie Geese chilling out

Black-necked Stork patrolling a wetland

A Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo enjoying a pine cone

Black swans like to cruise waterways

Willie Wagtails are one of the cheekiest Australian birds

Nerd musicboy in me couldn’t not include this one

another for Lisa and a bit of Bach

10 thoughts on “Blackfeather revisited

  1. Wow! You went all out and new birds this week! Really fantastic gallery! I will have a hard time choosing just one for the round up next week. I did like the song “Season of Change”. It was new to me. “Blackbird” by the Beatles is one of my absolute favorite songs by them. Well done! 🙂

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